Cloak Chair
PennDesign, Spring 2010

The Cloak Chair was developed from the earliest concept to the final prototype through a back-and-forth process of scale models, sittable prototypes, and digital drawings. The chair was intended as an informal throne meant to envelope the sitter, with the back ‘wings’ wrapping around as arm rests.

The final prototype was built of molded plywood, with individual wood plies laminated over polystyrene foam molds. The resulting surfaces are thin, light, and incredibly strong. After trimming to size and sanding the edges the pieces received three coats of hand-rubbed varnish. Finally, the surfaces were through-bolted with counterbored fasteners.

For construction process photos, click here.

Side view  

Front view  

Rear view  

Seat detail  

Base detail  


Exploded axonometric & elevations