European Solidarity Centre
Pentagram Architects, 2007

Pentagram Architects proposed a design for the European Solidarity Center (ESC) architecture competition that would act as an international center of culture, housing a museum, temporary exhibition space and an academic research center. The project memorializes the organization Solidarity, the first non-communist trade union in a communist country and founded in Gdansk in 1980. Solidarity was organized by workers from the Gdansk shipyard, the proposed site for the ESC, and was integral in helping to establish the anti-communist social movement in Poland and subsequently, the rest of Europe.

The building itself, painted the colors of the Polish flag, pivots back and forth like the nearby shipyard cranes. In moving it focuses on a series of historical Solidarity icons and becomes a giant flag waving in the Gdansk skyline.

My role began with historical research into both the Solidarity movement and the city of Gdansk. I performed program analysis, built study models of the site and proposed intervention, and prepared the final competition boards.

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