Flip Top/ Plug Top Table
Pentagram Architects, 2007-2008

These tables were designed as part of a refurbishment of Pentagram’s main conference room. Two variations of the table, using the same base structure, were developed. The single-top version flips to allow multiple tables to nest against a wall when they are not needed, and is light enough for one person to move. The Plug Top table features power and data outlets at the end of its support arms, and a lower shelf for the storage of conference room supplies. The tables are conceived as a modular system, in which the legs, arms, stretcher, and tops are interchangeable.

I developed the table design from the first sketches through to the fabrication and installation of six Flip Top and eight Plug Top tables. Working closely with the metals fabricator and cabinet shop, I refined the design to achieve the aesthetics and functionality desired. They are now used daily by Pentagram staff and clients.

Flip Top Table  

Plug Top Table  

Pivot detail  

Ethernet jack detail