with Emaan Farhoud, October 2010

The motivation behind this competition entry was to create a structure that acts as both an object in a space and as a space within an object, a lens through which one's perception of context is sharpened. In this regard, the spatial context of the project is crucial - how does an object occupy a space, and how does one occupy an object? This question suggests a clear distinction between interior and exterior, unified by a simple and logical connection.

This entry proposes using pairs of through-bolts to join adjacent, non-parallel plywood planes. The variable space between planes accommodates variation in both local and overall form, allows for a controlled transparency and creates a variety of edge conditions.

The design process negotiated between connection, variation and form. An algorithm radially sectioned two surfaces that describe the interior space and exterior form, resulting in a structural shell with a smooth interior and spiky exterior. The notion of pure repetition is challenged by the incorporation of a highly controlled degree of randomness.

The final structure aggressively occupies the space while providing a calm, smooth interior to occupants.