Pentagram Architects, 2008

SPLAT (Social Platform for Living, Arts, & Theatre) was Pentagram Architects’ proposal for the Reinventing Grand Army Plaza ideas competition presented by the Design Trust for Public Space. SPLAT covers nearly all of Brooklyn’s Grand with an elevated park, creating a large, versatile public space separated from the area’s heavy traffic while being connected to Prospect Park. Access would be from a variety of gently terraced steps, gardens, paths and stairs that reach a height of only 25-35 feet above the surrounding streets, allowing the neighbors a modicum of privacy as well as returning the ring road to local access only.

My role included historical and site research, conceptual model studies, design development, and the preparation of the final competition boards. I was also a part of the Pentagram team that designed the Reinventing Army Plaza exhibit.

SPLAT was selected by a jury of architects, planners, local civic activists, community members and artists as one of the top 30 proposals out of the 200 submitted. To see all top 30 schemes, visit the People's Choice site.